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Oh! colour me shades of cerulean blue, 
and wipe smudges of despair and woe.
I whisper incantation amidst whistling
sleet and snow. 

Gather toasted pecans with shortbread
cookies and add succulent red cherries;
a recipe, well-suited for igniting an old

Let worries vanish with scented smoke,
prepare apples and oranges for sangria
wine. I smiled, as he reached out to me 
beneath pale moonlight. 



Photo credits: myeasye

I chose to write inspired by ‘Words Count with Mama Zen’

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also for Poetry Pantry @ Poets United

60 Replies to “Bewitched”

  1. I like how it feels like the protagonist is awakening into a multihued and sensual world at her lover’s touch.

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