Between the shadows on a summer night

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the night
whispered dreams
as the first rose
of July
opened its mouth.

If only
I could breathe
in you
fill my senses
with your scent
your image.

I can not
remove the thought
of you,
into a guiltless mind.

I watch the moon
between shadows
as her reflection
dares me
to break the silence.


Photo credits: Pinterest

Word List:  dreams, softly, rose, image.

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56 Replies to “Between the shadows on a summer night”

  1. How beautiful are your words Sanaa. Yes, inebriation does make us braver than we really are. Hopefully love is always without guilt but can’t say the same about lust!

    1. I was referring to Hybrid tea roses. They continously bloom all Summer 😊 Thanks for stopping by, Priscilla ❤️

  2. The image of the rose is so beautiful… love how Summer can be, when it’s not devastating as it is today.

  3. Lost my comment, forgetting you have no cookies for me (and perhaps others). I love your poem. We all become lunatic poets under a writer’s moon, while captivated by the deep scent of roses.

  4. Captivating opening stanza Sanaa! Rich and evocative … and this just reads along like a dreaming wish for longing …. it’s softly scented and gentle – lovely.

  5. kaykuala

    as her reflection
    dares me
    to break the silence.

    When there are great feelings for someone one dares to voice it out! Very true Sanaa!


  6. This is absolutely exquisite! I can feel the passion so raw and palpable in the third stanza 💙

  7. AH, the romantic spirit in it is beautifully evocative – the opening rosebud, filling scents, and breaking silences make for such a tender penmanship. I loved it.

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