Beneath the veil

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Veiled as though a moon behind the clouds;
I thought while he covered me with a silken
cloth. His breath like lonesome vapour trail;
made me long for cheeks to blush and pale.

Observe the dew on his brow and dust ‘neath
the nails; as he begged me not to fear but oh
his eyes told me the tale. Lulled with sounds
of dolor and sounds of pure delight; memory
grown so dim with passing days and nights.

The stars douse heaven with light;
As I wish upon to beckon his sight.


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54 Replies to “Beneath the veil”

  1. oh this is beautiful — imagining the love she develops for him over the posing time — and then he places a veil over her figuratively within the bust itself — but metaphorically in the leaving of her. And I love the reference to dust — I always imagine the sculptor as having dust beneath his/her fingernails, hair dusted grey by the marble dust….
    My mind keeps moving in your voice here. Really love this take on the prompt!

  2. MY FAIR ARTIST, for sure; an incredible premise here, that the art we create remembers us, & even though someone else may adopt it, & take it home, it has the emotional memory of its first love; as we all do.

  3. I love how you described the artist’s breath and how she wished for cheeks that blush or pale: ” His breath like lonesome vapour trail;/made me long for cheeks to blush and pale.” Totally beautiful, Sanaa!

  4. Sanaa, those first four lines continued to haunt me after I finished reading the rhyming couplet. What a wonderful idea, a statue in love with her sculptor:
    ‘His breath like lonesome vapour trail;
    made me long for cheeks to blush and pale.’

    Now this would make a great short story.

  5. The veiled finality can be grave and foreboding; veiled and done. Oh but little does she know, how the tables will turn once she becomes the center of attraction to her so many viewers once she is unveiled once more.

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