Beneath the silver stars

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The night we walked beneath the stars;
Echo: Ours
Knew not how passed those blissful hours.
Echo: Showers

The stars they shimmered unto the sea;
Echo: See
We trembled as winds caressed our cheeks.
Echo: Speak

If stars for certain govern our fate;
Echo: Faith
Plot to offer – allot your face
Echo: Chase

Upon these stars I wished tonight;
Echo: Might
Till sleep eternal within your sight.
Echo: Cite

As time neared forth towards midnight;
Echo: Right
Exchanged twin looks of sheer delight.
Echo: Quite

The stars above aligned to commemorate your birth;
Echo: Mirth
Depths of shimmering sea strive to match your worth.
Echo: Dearth



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Form: Echo Verse

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66 Replies to “Beneath the silver stars”

  1. This lends itself so well to the echo format and your work with rhyme is so well done, too. I’m not sure there are too many things that equal a walk beneath the stars for a romantic relationship.

  2. What a wonderful echo poem! The rhyme has a good touch to it and I like the thought of talking to the stars while walking by the ocean. I often talk to them in the forest. I wonder if they sound the same when they answer back?

    1. Hello Georgina,

      Thank you so much, so glad you liked it 🙂
      Highly appreciated, lots of love 😀

      PS: Hope you like the book 😀

  3. Just yesterday I read an article about these glowing organisms in waters in only a few places on the earth. I think your photo shows these. I loved your poem, Sanaa, and how the stars are reflected in your romantic offering.

  4. This is beautiful! I love the echo words you chose and the subtle message of faith in something greater than the stars themselves. And the picture is stunning and goes so well with the poem. Peace, Linda

  5. A perfect photo to go with a perfect poem, and the first “wish” I’ve read so far today…the first and last stanzas stand out to me..things I would like to have written 😉 Nice to read this out loud with the echo effect.

  6. “The stars above aligned to commemorate your birth;”

    To think we are thus important and celebrated, makes reading your poem all the more worthwhile

    Happy Tuesday Sanaa

    much love…

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