Beneath the blood moon

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Soft and smooth, spilling as waves on board
I close my eyes though mindful of your glare,
as prejudice cuts through bone.

Silence seeps into the straining flesh, andΒ 
I wonder if conscience reached your ear,
as wind outside begins to howl.

I gaze upon the blood moon, as yesterday
broods alone in the shadows, loitering
where our kind never goes.


Photo credits: Man Ray (1929)

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58 Replies to “Beneath the blood moon”

  1. I close my eyes though mindful of your glare,
    as prejudice cuts through bone.

    Those with beautiful locks are not spared of snide comments by those envious!


  2. Such a contrast to Shay’s sassy girl, your beauty comes across as romantic and, although you start with her hair, you’ve focused on her eyes, Sanaa, which are closed in the first stanza but open in the final stanza, where she gazes on the blood moon. I love that such a beauty can also be a werewolf that howls at the moon and loiters ‘where our kind never goes’. I particularly love the phrase ‘broods alone in the shadows’, which lends the poem extra darkness.

  3. This is such a striking narrative, Sanaa, more so because you leave a lot up to the imagination of the reader. The speaker’s self-awareness conveys so much of what being a victim does to the pysche. That final stanza is sheer brilliance.

    1. Awww gosh!❀️ Thank you so much, Kerry πŸ˜€ so glad you liked it!❀️

      (and thank you for the lovely prompt)

  4. I really think that last stanza is my favorite. The unwillingness to go back to yesterday, and only looking forward. Where our kind lends me to believe that as separate as the speaker and the other feel, they are not much different from one another.

  5. Wonderful! I especially love the strong closing stanza. I also wonder if peoples’ consciences bother them when they are acting with prejudice. I imagine they justify themselves in their narrow thinking, but I cant relate.

  6. This is chilling, in a haunting sense, because there is a quiet gentleness, a softer tone, as others have noted, a sense of the romantic, but beneath this, there runs a current that is powerfully strong, free-willed and wild. It will run as it will, without damming. And that magically comes through in this carefully versed and worded piece. Fascinating.

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