Before You

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measures the depth of one’s
fear giving just enough time
before the words slip out of

I watch
as breeze turns into a blow,
as breath becomes ripples
and falls in soft undulating

I cherish the moment
when I first laid eyes on you,
cause that’s when my heart
leapt and sang.


Photo credits: Mira Nedyalkova Photography

I chose the letter ‘H’ and the word hesitation came to mind.
Also linking to Hedgewitch’s Friday 55

Posted for Karin’s prompt @ Real Toads 

36 Replies to “Before You”

  1. I got caught up in the first stanza – a brilliant way to describe hesitation, Sanaa! And then I had to hesitate again with the second stanza – I love how you cleverly slowed everything down with:
    ‘…breeze turns into a blow,
    as breath becomes ripples’.

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