Because it’s my heart

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Words are my salvation as I drift
in the stream of the world.

Often soft and sometimes harsh,
my words come straight from the
heart, a heart that’s like a passing
cloud in the sky moving overhead,
continually in one direction so as
to eventually pass over.

Words never die, nor fear wrath
of the punishing wind. Forever
etched into memory, our words
possess the power to heal and

And because it’s my heart that
tears, my words refuse to write
lest another’s heart is broken.

I write words rich with hope, a
bright promise of the days to
come, as distant stars magnify
the emotions which sought to
voice their faith on paper.

Words are my salvation as I drift
in the stream of the world.


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Magaly invites us to write a poem about things which we believe that words
can do for us and others.

Posted on Sunday Mini-Challenge @ Real Toads

& Posted on the ‘Poetry Pantry’ @ Poets United

50 Replies to “Because it’s my heart”

  1. Sanaa, this is one of the best things I’ve ever read by you. The words are true and sharp, strong enough to move the reader on their own, without any extraneous ornamentation. Good stuff!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about finding salvation in words. If I had no words, I would be a lost soul, drifting aimlessly through this world.

  3. Heart-birthed words are always the best… for everyone involved. The living blood makes them stronger, more real, nourishing… saviors. I love that your poem speaks of them as salvation, for I believe it’s true.

  4. This is wonderful, Sanaa! I like the idea of words being one’s salvation. Indeed, sometimes it does seem so. Words will never fail us.

  5. What an awesome feel this poem has Sanaa. How the Earth’s elements influence us as they whisper in the wind or roar in the raging sea. So glad you are affected by them like me!

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