Autumn Cherry

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Under the moonlit sky;
Blossoming cherry,
Petals doth fly!

Sweet cherry blossom
Thy lingering scent;
Travelling in autumn,
With thy consent.

Stunned by the beauty
Surrounding magical night.
Gazing upon mutely,
Wondering in delight.

Blooming cherry tree
Soft pink perfection.
Pure radiating bliss,
Thy sole confession.

Under the moonlit sky;
Blossoming cherry,
Petals doth fly!


(The Autumn Blooming Cherry, i.e “Prunis subhirtella Autumnalis” is a beautiful flowering cherry tree that blooms twice a year)

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62 Replies to “Autumn Cherry”

  1. I enjoyed the first stanza repeating at the end…and I think seeing cherry blossoms in the moonlight would be a stunning sight.

  2. Sanaa,

    There is such vivid life in your poem, alongside the movement in the video. I both like the grace of the falling petals, while being sad that they are disappearing…A great tribute..


    1. Hello Eileen,

      You made my day! 😀 Thank you so much!
      Glad you liked it! Highly appreciated 😀

    1. Hello Manicddaily,

      That sounds wonderful.. Definitely a sight worthy to behold! 😀
      Glad you liked it! Highly appreciated 🙂

  3. This hold a bit of surprise for me, i always associated cherry blossom fall with spring , not autumn, happy you shared this poem

    Thanks for stopping by to read mine

    Much love…

    1. Hello Bridge,

      I always strive to put some life into my poems 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked it 😀

  4. Pretty words for a pretty sight. I love the picture too. We don’t have cherry trees here in Southeast Texas but I did get to see Washington D.C. just full of them one year when we were moving to the South.
    If I take the Little Ship up on her offer I will waive to you as we pass through the Red Sea. I have always wanted to go there. Been to South Jordan, Petra, and to Egypt, Alexandria and Cairo, but not to the Red Sea and the Suez.

    1. Hello Carrie,

      Thanks for stopping by 😀 so glad you liked it!
      Highly appreciate your kind words 🙂

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