Aubade – Since Flower, Nor Stone, Nor Depths of the Raging Sea

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The days descend inhaling orange-grey stretches of sundown
and anxious heartbeats
as though their life depend on it,
I silently watch the city with its buildings, it’s windswept blooms
and trees,
I can’t deny that you have been on my mind,
I think about you often
as clouds leisurely drift across and permeate every aspect of moon
I think about you all the time.

Between you and me there exists a language of love,
and an ache that comes and goes
you are the one who ignites the fire within,
you are the one who understands the struggles I go through.
How do you do it?
How do you see deep into my soul and unravel the emotions
even I myself am not aware of?
How you understand me
when words unspoken have yet to make their way into my heart
and mind?
How do you handle me when I am down
and at my worst?
How do you see me? How can you love me knowing my vices
in a time where falsehood grows and rises.

Come May,
amongst the changing months yours is the cruelest one
as lilacs determined outrun the threats of storm,
instinctively I release hope into the open and observe as it floats
slip a promise or two into the insides of my coat,
distance alone can not break apart nor douse emotions that run
thicker than blood.


Photo credits: Fabian Perez Painting

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48 Replies to “Aubade – Since Flower, Nor Stone, Nor Depths of the Raging Sea”

  1. I wonder sometimes if May can bring something like that… but being apart is when a person seems clearest.

  2. This reads like a heartbreaking letter. The longing and the depth of the speaker’s need are so haunting… I would love to read the face of the subject as the words hit his or her heart.

  3. I enjoyed the way the opening lines drop, the way your stomach lurches or you fall in a dream, and the reader joins the speaker of the poem to watch the city at night and experience the speaker’s emotions, made very real in the β€˜ache that comes and goes’ and the hope released in the final lines – the hop that comes with May.

  4. This is painful to read. The narrator seems quite tortured by what has happened to what had been a positive relationship. Seems that, difficult as it might be, it might be time to move on.

  5. There is definitely a connection of love for “How do you see deep into my soul and unravel the emotions” asks the one longing to be with the lover . AND again i luv the hope in ” I release hope into the open and observe as it floats”

    Wow what a treat!!! Dear poetess

    Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday


    1. Awww gosh! ❀️ Thank you so much, Gillena πŸ˜€ so glad you enjoyed it! ❀️


    1. Thank you so much, Marian πŸ˜€ so glad you enjoyed it ❀️

      (and thank you for the lovely prompt) 🌹

  6. To have someone who is always on your side even when you aren’t is a gift. Distance might be hard, but it can’t break such a bond.

  7. Very nice, deep, Sanaa. I especially like the line, “Between you and me there exists a language of love“. We have twin sons and for the longest, until at least school age, they too had a language of their own. They still are very close, close enough to keep their spouses on guard.

  8. It is said distance makes the heart fonder but, I think it just makes the heart ache more. There seems to be an unspoken language when it comes to love.

  9. Wonderful writing in this poem of love and longing.

    ‘Come May,’ is especially compelling – as it is creates a transition in the piece and – possibility – a transition in the relationship.

  10. the middle stanza speaks in the present “you know me”… “how do you…” And the first and last hint at distance but I don’t feel like their not together… Makes me think of military families or lovers… Forced time away…

  11. There truly are some people whose imprint remains strong. I can think of some that pertain to me.
    Love the “promises slipped inside a coat.” “Come May” was an important pivotal point to me.
    Wonderful poem, Sanaa.

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