As darkness surrenders

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The darkest hour of dawn and its hum, November clouds drifting
ever so slowly despite everything that surrounds; can I wake and
keep my dreams with me?

As darkness surrenders, every colour, every shade changes from
sable to a vibrancy; there are days when I wonder about the way
the universe runs, would we be the same if limbs impassioned
lost their magic, if they felt otherwise? The lake-side air is pungent
with the fragrance of jasmine, its surface as smooth as glass –
radiating ripples which, if one is lucky, are caught by twilight; can
you hear the gulls overhead?

What I can do, you can do, you don’t see it yet but believe me when
I say it’s true; we need only have conviction, the heart understands
truths dark, unintelligible—there is nothing behind the wall except
a space where the wind whistles.




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Merril hosts at dVerse and asks to write inspired by a line from
“Drawings by Children” by Lisel Mueller. Come join us! 💝

Posted for Prosery Monday @ dVerse Poets Pub

42 Replies to “As darkness surrenders”

  1. I’ve often thought that myself, Sanaa, ‘can I wake and keep my dreams with me?’ But then, if I did, I might miss the dawn, when ‘every colour, every shade changes from sable to a vibrancy’ – so beautiful. I love the appeal to the senses in this piece, for example the lake-side air ‘pungent with the fragrance of jasmine’.

  2. Love the thought of bringing the dreams along into daylight… maybe we can if just do our best. It does help with jasmine and a wonderful lake.

  3. Lovely, Sanaa. 💙 So full of sensory impressions.This definitely was “a little dash of sunny.”
    Last night I was dreaming poetry, and I knew I was dreaming and trying to remember the poems. 😀

    1. I absolutely relate! Thank you so much, Merril 😀 so glad you liked it 💄❤️

      (and thank you for the glorious prompt) 🌹

  4. Wow, a delicious piece of pose, that enchants as it rocks the prompt. Lately I’ve been dreaming that I’m back in the Navy, gone to prison, or back at the office. I get a glimpse of them as I awaken, glad to shake them off and greet the new day.

  5. This is beautiful, elegant, and huge in scale. Really liked this piece Sanaa. You took me from a dream into the universe.

  6. A lovely sensual piece about those liminal places – the lake-shore – and times – dusk, dawn – and the need for courage when things are uncertain. ‘Sable’ is a wonderful adjective for night. Delicious Sanaa.

  7. Fantastic response, Sanaa!
    ‘As darkness surrenders, every colour, every shade changes from
    sable to a vibrancy’
    You have really brought the night alive with beauty. There are ways to find happiness in darkness.

  8. There are some dreams it would be lovely to take along with you.
    The sensual ones can’t miss. Love this beauty, Sanaa!

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