All black and all sweetness: Deep into the earth my conscience lies

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Crowned with sun-kissed petals and moral culpability
I drag half of Greece to the dark side,
their memories
locked away in a room where winter writes poems
and where inhibitions are laid to rest.
The sky is a palette of gutsy silver awaiting form
and function,
I, a siren of the ancient islets, desire nothing but carnality
and dream of honey-dipped corpses,
pierced in the most glorious of agony until they fall into oblivion.
How can love be so unforgiving?
How can it rise past my jaded lips like a host of thoughts
why do tears spread like fire across smooth skin?
My words on a muted twilight tumble out just to be near him
only he doesn’t care to listen.
Carelessly I shuffle the light of day
releasing souls and such back to their normal state
for at night I allow my emotions to be true to themselves
there is no escape
when it comes to the heart
and a constantly wailing conscience,
or is there?


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Bjorn challenges us to be an ‘unreliable narrator’ and
tell a story that is not ours, exaggerate and lie, but
think a bit on how to expose ourselves.

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54 Replies to “All black and all sweetness: Deep into the earth my conscience lies”

  1. Oh this was dark, the carnal love of honey dipped corpses. the call of the siren with her jaded lips… so very seductive.

  2. I enjoyed this reading , Sanaa. Not often do I read of conflict between emotion and conscious. Emotions do change between the dark and the daylight, but the conscious is developed as we grow and a little as we age.

  3. I enjoyed being dragged to the dark side by your siren poem, Sanaa, and being ‘locked away in a room where winter writes poems
    and where inhibitions are laid to rest’.
    How cruel to honey-dip corpses ‘pierced in the most glorious of agony until they fall into oblivion’!

  4. Thank you for this lyrical dark poem. I especially resonated to the last three lines.
    My “constantly wailing conscience” is often troublesome at night.

  5. Dear Sanaa,

    Always a little thrill of anticipation, on the cusp of visiting here again and you never let me down. Another delicious write – indeed, no escape for the open, brave and passionate, I fear! Though there are plenty of blessings, even if tainted bittersweet by our transitory nature of our existence. Much still to celebrate that will twinkle in the sky forever…

  6. Let me be the first to comment on your reposting (don’t know how so many of you find time to write for Toads in addition to the three for dVerse each week)–hot and dark, like morning coffee. You really hooked me with “honey-dipped corpses’; as shocking as chocolate dipped turds. I enjoyed this stretching of your poetic prowess.

  7. This feels like a beautiful, terrible collision of the inner and outer worlds – and collisions within that collision. The chaotic creative and destructive cycles of the universe mirrored over and again, within and without. I love the place where inhibitions are laid to rest, the sky is in a perpetual state of potential and carnality is the sole focus and drive. Just luscious – thank you!

  8. I think at night we are most vulnerable to our emotions and we cannot hide from ourselves. Can we? At the end of the day we close our eyes and we are enveloped in darkness.

  9. Ah yes, it seems that so often at night emotions are more true to themselves. You cannot seemingly escape reality in one’s dreams. A thoughtful reflection.

  10. Yes, the narrator has certainly become unreliable in many aspects; carnality I can understand but honey dipped corpses less so! Your muse certainly took you on a wild ride with this poem Sanaa but it is always good to take a road less travelled to see where that takes us.

  11. Gorgeous Sanaa! If I had to pick my favourite- I would quote the entire write!
    But this one: why do tears spread like fire across smooth skin?
    Ah! Now there’s an image for me to marvel at!♥️

  12. “I drag half of Greece to the dark side” : oh wow!
    after reading the poem, i feel i am in a video game trying to escape from whatever terrors on the islets. 🙂

  13. This had the force of fable! I read it as a take on Persephone & the changes and shifts were so vivid & visceral that the myth is slipping toward this. A beautiful collection of images & sensations.

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