A Poet Paints A Bowl Of Salad

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Poem inspired by William Carlos Williams poetic masterpiece, “This Is Just To Say.”

I have tossed strawberries,
rinsed romain lettuce
and torn them into bite size pieces for good measure,
I have topped the bowl
with a generous sprinkling of fresh mint
emerald green in appearance,
I know you prefer raspberry vinegar
so, I went to the market and bought a bottle in advance
along with blueberries
arresting as the April sky, now all that’s left
is feta cheese
without which the salad would be incomplete.
Forgive me
I am rather embarrassed that I didn’t save you any,
it was heavenly.



Image courtesy: Scrambled Chefs

The salad is just one of the delicacies by my sister ❤️
Like it? Check out more recipes by clicking on the link above.

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28 Replies to “A Poet Paints A Bowl Of Salad”

  1. I love the title, Sanaa, and my taste buds are dancing at the thought of the salad,. It’s early morning and I haven’t had my breakfast yet! I love the intimacy of this first-person poem, which addresses another person, who could be me. It reminds me of the poem by It reminds me of the poem ‘This Is Just To Say’ by William Carlos Williams – and the twist at the end is delicious!

  2. I know you prefer raspberry vinegar

    This line makes the poem for me – it adds the human connection to the salad itself and reinforces the final line.

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