My box is made of cherry finish wood, 
a little something for my spouse, 
the hinged box  
reveals a hidden compartment 
for small items, 
I have made it out of rosy sunsets, 
sanded the edges 
and secured the joints to make sure 
that they are evenly spaced, 
engraved inside the lid are initials of his name. 

In this book you will find twelve letters  
for each month, 
where I have written down  
in detail, what according to me, will  
give him comfort and solace, 
and so, I have borrowed  
promise of renewal from Spring, 
hope from Summer, 
balance and equilibrium from Autumn 
and resilience from winter. 

I keep this box inside the cupboard, 
locked away and safe, 
so that I may give it to him one day, 
as a token  
of love and commitment, 
so that he may read between the lines, 
and comprehend, 
how I gradually became the woman  
that would stand alongside him, 
with promise, a heart full of hope,  
maintaining balance  
and equilibrium, all the more resilient  
so as to get through difficult times. 




Photo credits: Pinterest 

Kim hosts on dVerse where she invites us to write poems about a metaphorical box,
inspired by Gillian Clarke. Come join us! 💖

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