Could it be?

Could it be that everything is leading
to this juncture?
The wind ushering away volatile thoughts
which threaten
to twist pieces of straw into rope in the corner
of my mind—
I dress in a hurry,
all the while, hoping, for the weather to be fine;
coffee steaming in a richly decorated pot,
there are days when the antiseptic blue of the sky helps see
the bigger picture—

one minute it rains and another behaves.
“Excuse me sir, which way leads to Oxford Street?”



Photo credits: Juja_Han, latte, Unsplash

Sarah hosts at dVerse and asks us to write poems inspired by
three little words that also describe a location
in London at the
site what3words. I chose: behave pots fine 💝

Posted for Poetics: Three Little Words @ dVerse Pub