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  1. Oh I do love the way you have integrated the scent… the sense of touch and taste, the passion set in fruity sweetness.

  2. as sense of smell,
    a faithful counselor,
    foretells your character

    Beautiful narrative Sanaa! And very true too! That whiff of male aroma foretells one of good standing!


  3. Scent has an important role in a love relationship. In my work I have seen so often where a spouse who has lost a husband or wife will hold onto a garment a pillow or even in the case of my mother the aftershave of his or her loved one.

  4. What a fascinating idea….personifying the sense of smell into a faithful counselor who can foretell character 🙂 Very cool!

  5. This is so sweet and sensual.
    I especially like the last lines..
    I smile as sense of smell, a faithful counselor, foretells your character”

  6. So late to mosey up to the dVerse bar for this prompt — days playing with grandchildren took precedence. But absolutely mesmorized by this read. Sultry, sensuous — beautiful write!

  7. nice play on the senses…both scent and visual. i like the word erubescent. i dont think i have ever used it. but scent and all the senses tie into that intimacy which you engender in this.

  8. “erubescent – taste of finest raisins, plums and cherries” … That is a hot line, my dear!

    It actually makes me think of slot machines in a casino, so this becomes about someone playing and someone serving, maybe.

    “Serving Maybe.” That should be a poem.

  9. I love the idea of dancing around inside my heart, probably singing and cackling, remembering all the good things in the world, shouting my happiness in the face of the bad. This is yummy, Sanaa. 🙂

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