You, therefore

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The fall foliage and gusts of wind
as I tucked away a book of poems,
breathing in the promises of setting sun.

How silently they settle down,
wisps of ache and ephemeral clouds, on
days when we struggle to keep mind at ease.

The cold, unnerving rain and stony grass
I held onto the way he averted his
streaming eyes.

The past throbs inside us, diminishing
and yet alive, with memories that cling
as the trembling stars at night.

November dreary, dismal, dark and light
I gazed into his heart, longing to
sow peace for eternity.


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Posted for Tuesday Platform @ Real Toads

28 thoughts on “You, therefore

  1. Bjorn Rudberg says:

    Eternal peace in November sounds so close to dying for me… and it can actually feel like this when I feel like I’m a somnambulist … love your poem

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