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I listen deep as raindrops fall upon heart
Made a wish while dew was still on roses
Tossed my hopes and watched them fly 
Though I imagine only in my mind’s eye
In lonesome moments heard your voice
As though reviving nature heaved a sigh
Like urge that sweeps and gathers storm 
In arms of pererration lie safe and warm



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For my prompt “To travel is to take a journey into
yourself” on Friday 9th September at 8 am EDT

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68 Replies to “Yen”

  1. Oddly, despite how gregarious we may be, we must be alone when we write. I have written in groups for a lab or class, but it takes three times more energy. Wishing is first cousin to dreaming–poets are first class dreamers.

  2. Pererrations of wander
    ease.. UniVerse pARts
    wonder through
    galaxy same..
    BaLanCinG Planets
    around Suns.. and Stars
    of Galaxies swirling around
    black hole Suns.. there are
    no sidewalks in space..
    only spiral
    no straight line
    angles of sky scraper
    buildings aLL FloWinG FloWeRinG
    MoTioNs aLL.. and what.. hUmans
    reflections of all that is..
    walk on sidewalks
    and rarely
    leaves wind
    Grass sWaying
    Spring Breeze..
    A sourcE noW..
    perHaps.. most aLL diSeAse..
    hUman sidewalks.. no move with ease..
    i wish for moRe floWers
    oF MoVinG DancE..:)

  3. I’m quite taken by the ambiguity of the line, ” Tossed my hopes and watched them fly —”. A tossed hope can be lost… but in the chaos of flight, there is always a chance to hope to hold on to something that keeps it alive.

  4. Your poem is lovely, whimsical, romantic and pensive all at the same time. Thanks for the tongue twister; i had to do an internet search for pronunciation and meaning, i’m still working on my voicing of “pererration”

    much love…

  5. “pererration”—a new word for me, even though my dictionary says it’s obsolete. I can’t imagine why it went out of use. Anyway, thank you for enriching my vocabulary!

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