When the fog kissed the ground

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She creeps quietly into early hours
of the morning, inundating gentle
feelings and thoughts into the grey
and equatorial haze that threatens
to linger inside most fragile mind.
The fog brings out a darker side to
everything, reminds put not eggs
in one basket.


(Photograph taken by a friend this morning)

Posted on ‘Quadrille #53′ @ dVerse Pub

and on ‘Tuesday Platform’ @ Real Toads

68 thoughts on “When the fog kissed the ground

  1. Grace says:

    I love morning walks but not too foggy, ha ~ I would think one is musing and planning something – which is good not to put all the eggs in 1 basket ~

  2. Dwight says:

    I like the hot equatorial haze that hang around in the mind…. disturbing our minds… Now what might those eggs be that get separated into other baskets??

  3. Mish says:

    “The fog brings out a darker side to everything”…..this was a timely line for me as I drove home from work today along the river in very dense fog. A different perspective and reminder of life’s unexpected turns.

  4. Jo-Anne says:

    I agree with all the other, more eloquent comments. Just wanted to say: beautifully captured moment and wonderful combination of your words with the image you’ve included. Wow!

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