What once was whispered to spring ushered its bloom

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I sip comfort in the early hours of morning as rays highlight the blush suffusing my skin. Below the sights and sounds of traffic sound vaguely as though a murmur through the door; as I indulge in conversation and Kashmiri tea garnished with crushed nuts and a hint of salt with cardamom. If eyes are the antechamber to the soul then lips are no less, the deep curve of his makes the world around me spin with a smile that brings to mind a thousand memories; each of which offers joy of being alive and just a bit more humane.

Cassia trees sway in Spring,
a wave of gold spreads
as the wind sings your name.


Photo credits: @titomerello Instagram

Posted for Poems in April @ Real Toads

22 Replies to “What once was whispered to spring ushered its bloom”

  1. I really love the way you describe the process of drinking tea which to me bridges so naturally into the lips and the connection of a true conversation.

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