Untitled (when nature serves as lone witness)

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There is a reason for trembling trees in the wind
they are soiled with gunpowder, that fills the air.
The skies above alone bear witness to bloodshed,
they lend an ear to piercing screams that shatter.

And the news that follows brings panic and dread
reminds, us of hatred, that illuminates, our world
Oh how long must we endure the pain that stifles,
how much longer until breath comes out in fumes.

There, is a reason, for lifeless, streams and oceans
they are filled with corpses more than herring fish.
Oh, sighing sun above alone bears witness instead,
they treat mischance as they would a sunken ship.

And the news that follows hides pain and distress,
reminds us, of disinterest, that thrashes our world.
Oh, how long, must we endure, grief that smothers
how much longer, until we choose, to pain express.

‘Unleash the anger bottled up inside.’


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28 Replies to “Untitled (when nature serves as lone witness)”

  1. Wow! As you say, the trees, sky and sun witness, while the press either spreads panic or remains disinterested, mirroring the streams “filled with corpses more than herring fish.” We smother and stifle our participation, our anger and grief–except for first peoples and those looking for solutions. But the press doesn’t give voice to these. Your poem carries so much truth.

  2. “How long must we endure the pain that stifles?” I wish there were an answer to that question…

  3. Sadly most politicians see these lives as expendable even though saving many is possible. I see an ugly uncaring world with false values and rhetoric more important than peace and happiness in the search for more wealth and the feel of power.

  4. Yes, ‘how long until our breath comes out in fumes?’ You really nailed the sadness and disrespect in the world.

  5. This takes me back to the days when smog was killing 1,000’s of American’s (money and we must drive our cars covered it up)

  6. your poetry seems better and better each time Sanaa – this one hits the spot. I love the line:
    ‘they treat mischance as they would a sunken ship’

    and I think the ‘Unleash the anger bottled up inside.’ would be a good message to put inside a bottle and cast seaward.

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