Untitled (the penultimate chapter of life)

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You are the penultimate chapter of my life,
as though, oncoming scent of summer rain.
This heart of mine will soon have forgotten
the way our hands touched in midst of cold,
the way our eyes met each other in a crowd,
all, this I am aware, and yet, wish to remain.
You’re the door next to last that leads home.

Oh unclouded vision and this state of mind
is, as though, fragrance, of a rose, sublime.
You’re, but sweet design, of a lover’s dream
Yet without you vain my world would seem.
At length, my heart, wouldn’t soon, dismiss
the roseate blush, and most primordial kiss.
You, are the penultimate chapter, of my life.


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50 Replies to “Untitled (the penultimate chapter of life)”

  1. Very nice — tightly woven with exquisite patina of rhyme throughout. (I’ve never seen seen lines and stanzas so precisely matched). It makes me wonder if we have to cast someone in these penultimate roles, that the heart will ever need a door-turner in order to find itself.

    1. Gosh!❤️ Thank you so much, Brendan 😀 so glad you liked it!❤️

      (and thank you for the lovely prompt 🙂 )

  2. Sanaa this is superb. I didn’t even notice the rhyme until B pointed it out (that’s a good thing in my book). Such a mature innocence in this! I often felt alone and friendless, yet in that solitude I never looked at myself, always crafting an absent else. We must all do our own work, but it doesn’t have to be alone. Love to you, om shanti

  3. Beautiful. I was transported to another time. The form is visually interesting. Two distinct blocks either side of a space. Balanced.

  4. This makes me so much wonder what the last chapter would be… somehow there is a threat that love will no longer be there in the end…

    1. The threat is what keeps us striving, keeps us fighting to let it last until the very end. Thanks for stopping by, Bjorn ❤️

  5. Some goodbyes are harder than others, but still… they must be said. The tone of the speaker is very final, but she is determined to let him know that he was not unimportant… but will still become part of her past.

  6. Very sweet images of meeting in the crowd and the sense of attraction–young love is like that, I think, and has a grandeur about it that you capture here. k.

  7. This was nice, Sanaa. We needed those who were in our lives but not for forever, they have helped to build our being.
    I like the rhyme too.

    1. Thank you so much, Margaret 😀 so glad you liked it ❤️

      (I am going to head over and read your haiku 🙂 )

    1. Aww!❤️ Thank you so much, Sherry 😀 so glad you liked it! ❤️

      (this one came straight from the heart 🙂 )

  8. Somehow I want to add “so far” to the end of your beautifully written poem. If one believes the penultimate moment has passed, there seems little hope for the future.

  9. This is beautiful. The purity in the spirit of your writing touches my heart. Thank you for the poetry you shared this month. It is always a delight to read your work.

    1. Awwww!!❤️ Thank you soo much, Susie 😀 so glad you enjoyed it!!❤️

      (Love reading your work too! hugs 🙂 )

  10. I hope that most of us has such a person in their lives, someone they trust but are still at a distance whom when all else fails you know will be there for you. This is so beautiful as I so relate to it myself.

  11. truly beautiful!
    Love is enchantment and cast spell on heart where life and world seems blooms and spring rule forever,very well displayed!

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