Untitled (gift me a verse)

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I stripped away what remained few fragments of fear,
as silence exchanged promise of wooing silvery moon.
Fraught with readiness, I lay down upon sleepy grass,
and observed as sky chased away passing clouds.

I know beneath night’s dark veil there lie deep secrets,
visible to those who dare to defy nothingness of sleep.
I reach and grab a handful of glittering, gloomy stars
laugh as few thoughts escaped to the woods and fields,

‘Gift me a verse so that the universe can heal.’

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70 thoughts on “Untitled (gift me a verse)

  1. Walter Marks says:

    Interesting, “I lay down upon sleepy grass,
    and observed as sky chased away passing clouds.” How very descriptive of the enchantment of the moment, looking for purpose

  2. Kim M. Russell says:

    Your poem is dreamlike, with its ‘promise of wooing silvery moon’ and ‘sleepy grass’, as if everything is suspended, Sanaa. The second stanzas is quite shadowy with ‘night’s dark well’ and its ‘deep secrets’. as well as the gloomy stars’ – and then there’s that wonderful twist at the end – hope in the gift of verse!

  3. katiemiafrederick says:

    Birth oF poetic
    heART GifT oF
    hUman LiGht
    MoRe.. Emerald
    eYes waTer SinG
    GrAiNs oF saND aLL
    SPirALinG GuLL
    More Dunes
    HiGhER oF LIFe
    Sea oats sway oF LoVe..
    Breeze Dances eYes Freed..:)

  4. Kerry says:

    Sanaa, I always marvel at the way your verse integrates so perfectly with the image you have chosen. This is perfectly serene.

  5. Wendy Bourke says:

    Another lovely piece of writing … stunning, really. ‘Gift me a verse so that the universe can heal.’ is beyond incredible. Truly I wish I’d written that line. It speaks – so eloquently – to my poetic muse. Brilliant!

  6. CC says:

    This idea of glittering stars being gloomy is so interesting to me……as though they are putting on a front to hide the gloom!

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