Untitled (counting down hours before midnight)

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The stars tonight are as though diamonds
crashing down into the ungovernable sea.
The room smells distinctly of black coffee,
scattered pages and books upon bedsheet.

I glance into the mirror that beckons near,
slide into a portal of memories, enthralled.
What is this feeling that consumes, I smile
unraveling an era of foolishness and doubt.

Ringed, with fingerprints and faery dust is
a lavender laptop, that rests atop a dresser.
Dearer than rhythm and heartbeat its keys,
from which passion flows inside the screen.

With a sigh that reaches out to heavenly sky
I, packed my belongings and blew out a kiss,
crossing over the threshold with sweet relief
I, watch as cirrus clouds and leaves descend,

counting down the hours 
                                            until we meet again.


(for my sister, Aena)

Photo credits: Pixabay

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68 Replies to “Untitled (counting down hours before midnight)”

  1. So well portrayed, Sanaa. Signs of business and pleasure mixed. I had a bright red laptop but it literally crashed and broke when I dropped it on the floor.

  2. Nicely done, Sanaa, with diamond stars, black coffee and a lavender laptop ‘Ringed with fingerprints and faery dust’. The weird thing is that I also wrote about the keys and rhythm!

  3. Dearer than rhythm and heartbeat its keys,
    from which passion flows inside the screen.

    Isn’t that great! That is how it had been nights clicking away at the keyboard. Wonderful way of expression, Sanaa!


  4. I love how this transports us into the writing process – the tools we use to communicate are very precious..and hard to part with as technology marches on

  5. Once upon a time a hammer was a hammer but now even the tools where we do our work can be colored to fit mood or relect our personalities. Beautiful poem Sanaa.

  6. I love the inclusion of everyday details in this….they build atmosphere and heighten the sense of anticipation.

  7. Lovely writing Sanaa. It could have varying interpretations but the ending made me think of a woman leaving her lover to find other adventures. Enjoyed this much.

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