84 Replies to “Undo With Love”

  1. Love! Especially “Most of our shadows are caused / by standing in our own sunshine” and “light tomorrow with today.” Love!

  2. I had an unpleasant experience today. Made me sad. Amazingly, your poem is like a little healing song just for me. It’s not easy, but we all must rise and love is the answer to even the questions we don’t ask.

  3. This is pure strength-infused love while in the eye of desperation. We always need a friend that brings this wonderful thought/feeling into us… especially on those days when our own song is too quiet to keep us going. ❀️

    1. Thank you so much Freya, so glad you liked it ❀️ these were the three tarot cards which inspired me:

      The world (The Past)
      The High Priest (The Present)
      The Sun (The Future)

  4. Real intensity sustained within such a tight structure – so impressive Sanaa and a real pleasure to read. Hope you sparkle through the rest of your summer… With Best Wishes Scott

  5. There is a time in life when most people experience the feeling of drowning, being shallowed up in the enormity of it… And you know that it is only love that can save us…bkm

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