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Wisps of clouds do drift;
aimlessly across the sky
Mere whisper of wind
the sorrow clouded
In her eyes.

The city’s many
mingled sounds;
Rose like hum of
the ocean.
Rather lulled the heart
than roused
Sorrow gone and spell
was broken.

Tranquility filled her
heart and soul;
Glowed in bosom
like a coal.
Prisoner of fortune
she was no more;
or things beyond
Our reason – control.

Katsura trees
Late in Fall;
Like shoots of flame
Midnight’s pall.
A season new
she thus foresees
Falling soft upon
arms and knees.

Nature’s harmony
untold grace;
Her tender limbs
had now embraced.



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Posted for Midweek Motif @ Poets United


48 Replies to “Tranquility”

  1. In cadence as well as in lyric, this poem releases the sadness. I love that it is the reassuring murmur of the city that helps. I get the sense that she is free at last, as if she’s landed on a hopeful shore.

  2. Another beautiful poem so full of emotion -Falling soft upon arms and knees – was my favourite suggests we all fall down and yet the softness hints at her ability to stand again.

  3. There is such a gentle feel in this poem. And I agree that tranquility can be very healing! Thank you for reading my poem as well and commenting!

  4. I really liked this bit:
    “Tranquility filled her
    heart and soul;
    Glowed in bosom
    like a coal.”

    The journey to achieve that sense of tranquility is poetically portrayed. Lovely.

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