To love absent this long while

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Midnight again,Β 
my soul silent
as regret hung like soft mist

upon the earthΒ 
and longing loitered
upon red lips.
I can hear the heartbeat
of dying leaves, of
bewildered wind
that knows not difference

between smoke and sky,
questioning me why you left.


Photo credits: Pinterest

Posted for Quadrille #63 @ dVerse Pub

and on Tuesday Platform @ Real ToadsΒ 

64 Replies to “To love absent this long while”

  1. OH, regret hanging like soft mist is such an endearing simile β€” the images are crystal clear and your words resonant with felt emotions. Splendid as always, Sanaa.

  2. as regret hung like soft mist
    upon the earth
    and longing loitered ….

    under a midnight sky and regret, like leaves, – I can almost hear them crisping into dusty silence … and the wind not knowing why ….

    and the ending of regret and wonder –

    this is richly painted and very poignant for the pain – just lovely Sanaa.

  3. Oh, Sanaa! Your opening lines set a tone that hangs like soft mist, full of longing and regret. I love the alliteration in:
    ‘…longing loitered
    upon red lips’
    and the sound of the ‘heartbeat of dying leaves’.

  4. I’m taken by the idea of not knowing the difference between smoke and sky. It implies a sadness so profound that one forgets whether they are surrounded by something that can help soothe, or something that could poison them.

  5. You got my attention with the “heart beat of the dying leaves.” What can we say, if we are left without knowing why? Perhaps this is when we just breath, and count our blessings and our abundance, which is great.

  6. Ah, this is so poignant. I love the “bewildered wind
    that knows not difference
    between smoke and sky,” who questions you. And the heartbeat of leaves. Beautiful images and word choices.

  7. What an awesome picture and an even better piece of writing. This was questioning in all the right ways and the description vivid and emotional. Wow…I really loved this.

  8. Oh, this:
    “my soul silent
    as regret hung like soft mist
    upon the earth”

    and this:

    “I can hear the heartbeat
    of dying leaves”

    What heartbreaking poignancy in it all! I’m undone, Sanaa!

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