Things Said To Be Ineffable

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haunts me and
silently sings
as a roseate sunset floods the sea
hopelessly I sigh your name into wind
soothing sweet ache
and in vain
plague me
day and night
I kiss the sky
love’s a storm that arrives unexpected

heart of
sea whisper dreams
lest the stars tonight flutter into dust
I stand amidst calm – chaos of city
understand woe
as a friend
the sun
soft, stealing
breath of evening
as possibilities spread before us


Photo credits: Pinterest

Form: Triple Tetractys

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54 Replies to “Things Said To Be Ineffable”

  1. It’s cool how the appearance of your longer tetractys poem flows in curves, like the dress in the painting. Really beautiful. Also, I love “love’s a storm that arrives unexpected.” Such a simple observation, wonderful.

  2. Luv the juxtaposition of “breath of evening” and “possibilities”
    Happy you dropped by my Sunday Standard today


  3. Ineffable, indeed–love and loss and kissing the sky!
    “love’s a storm that arrives unexpected” Indeed! Thanks.

  4. “understand woe as a friend without help”… this line tugs directly at the heart. Wonderful!

  5. I keep going back and forth being poem & image, you’ve given me an entire film & novel in these lines!

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