The Perfumed Breath Of Lust

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It blurs edges and swallows the
climbing inside the pores of
skin. It
begins with an image as
sweet as sugar
and erotic as grapes,
lending darker
thoughts in the
hours of ache.

Lust is salty air and wide ocean
leaves one longing for the
moments, as chastity
long-preserved crumbles
to dust.
It’s a thing of blood and
heeds not
to the affections of heart.

It’s rough religion strips one of ease,
night commences with cicadas
singing in
the trees. Lust is a fruit
that lures andΒ 
debauches the body
and mind.



Photo credits :Β Loui Jover, “Cocktail Drawing,” Pinterest

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50 Replies to “The Perfumed Breath Of Lust”

  1. I like how you took the time to separate lust from love so that there is no question of what is going on here. The line break on the first was particularly nicely done.

  2. “Lust is salty air and wide ocean
    which leaves one longing for the
    quietest moments, as chastity”

    luv the distance you have shown between Lust and Chastity

    much love…

  3. You are great at writing about lust… I just knew you would chose that vice… and a vice I think we should accept and embrace.

  4. Sadly lust is only a suggestive and sinful word when it come to sex. We can have a lust for life and other things which is creditable but when there is a suggestion of guilt we all shake our heads.

  5. I like the tone of the piece, how the speaker sounds a bit frantic, as if Lust is right on her heels… making her feel all those things she both fears and seems to delight in.

  6. A great image of something that beckons & then exhausts. I like the way you make the ocean an overwhelming image.

  7. Like the way you have dived into this issue so wholeheartedly. Echoing the previous commenter who mentions Jim Morrison, I think there can also be a rich glamour to lust, which only enhances it’s seductive power and souls that are gloriously open can often be so vulnerable and fall foul to the lusts of others…

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