The Morning after Woe

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The dark side of the road
where with bated breath I await,
faint glimmer of morning light.

It’s hard to forget when your
heart’s a glorious mess,  how’s it that
we have patience for everything
but ourselves–

I gather dried roses and breathe
 in their fragrance, attempting
to recall the guiltless past.

Perhaps life would be more
 meaningful when we realize we
won’t experience the same
things twice.

I thought as I curled into the
    arms of untroubled night.


Photo credits: Pixabay

Inspiration from the title ‘The Morning after Woe’ by Emily Dickinson.

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62 Replies to “The Morning after Woe”

  1. Nice, Sanaa. I like the idea of one’s heart being in a mess. Reminds me of my experience today with two ladies. First was Mrs. Jim. For some reason I had just had the Rolling Stone song, “Angie”, came to mind. Mrs. Jim didn’t ever remember hearing it so we played it on YouTube. Mrs. Jim thought it was dismal and sad. Then my/our friend, Angie, knocked. Angie and I both agreed that we had had the words of this song in our lives when things came tumbling down.

  2. A melancholy poem, Sanaa, that suits the end of the year. I love the lines
    ‘It’s hard to forget when your
    heart’s a glorious mess’
    ‘…I curled into the
    arms of untroubled night’.

  3. more meaningful when we realize we
    won’t experience the same things twice.

    Exactly as opportunity knocks only once and the brave are the ones who benefit most!


  4. I am proud of my glorious and messy heart! Thank you for all your fine words so freely shared, Sanaa. But above all, thank you for your kind heart.

  5. The trouble Sanaa is that love hurts in so many ways. Flowers scent often recalls love in its bloom and regret in the years. I found this poem very moving…probably because I so have much to remember.

  6. Your penultimate stanza is wondrous wisdom, a thought I believe true. Living and loving are, indeed, more meaningful if we never forget to experience and appreciate the now as fully as we can, as honest as we can, as deeply as we dare…

    Happiest New Year, my dear Sanaa.

  7. Simply beautiful and so true…..

    ‘It’s hard to forget when your
    heart’s a glorious mess, how’s it that
    we have patience for everything
    but ourselves–’

    We always think of ourselves last. But this past year, I have been on a different path to put myself first….and I plan on continuing this path in the coming year. After all if I don’t care for myself, how can I care for others….wish you a tender, peaceful, loving New Year!

    1. Aww!❤️ Thank you so much, Donna 😀 so good to see you!❤️

      Wish you the same and more! Happy New Year!🎉🎊

  8. A melancholy write of life’s learning process.
    Sometimes we do make the same mistake more than once…especially with affairs of the heart…
    Have a wonderful 2018!
    Anna :o]

  9. I love when words and actions merge, like this moment, rare and beautiful in the arms of only the night, negating “we have patience for everything
    but ourselves” !! What a splendid once-only moment!

  10. “Untroubled midnight” just the right time on our clocks if we are kind to ourselves

    Thank you for linking to my first Monday WRites for 2018

    A lovely and creative year to you Sanaa

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