The Long Shadow of Modi: A Litany

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We must unfetter ourselves;
go beyond many media managed meringuesβ€”
hot lemon discombobulating masses,
who knows
what’s being whipped in the name of politics?
Our world inches closer still toward its own dread,
where men violate riverbanks;
is this the inevitable order of things?





#India-China border disputes


Photo credits: “Citrus Time,” by Elena Klimenko, Pinterest

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Posted for Quadrille #122: Going, going, gone @ dVerse Poets Pub

62 Replies to “The Long Shadow of Modi: A Litany”

  1. I hope it isn’t ‘the inevitable order of things’, but I do love the ‘many media managed meringues’ you whipped up here. Such an apt description!

  2. “Our world inches closer still toward its own dread,” – very telling lines but we have been here before many times. A great take on the prompt and quite a different road you have gone!

  3. A political quadrille, Sanaa, unusual for you, and one that had me looking up Modi and the current situation in India. I admire your use of alliteration, the phrase β€˜hot lemon discombobulating masses’, and the wordplay with β€˜meringue’ and β€˜whipped’, underneath which there is a worrying darkness, especially in the final lines.

  4. A dash of not-Sunny today! I hope things improve, and that we’re not inching “closer still toward” our “own dread.” It’s extra scary to be close to it.
    “media managed meringues” is wonderful!

  5. You run the imagery through this so well. It’s not a news story I’m familiar with (I’ve been avoiding current events a bit since it was starting to play on my anxiety quite a bit so I decided to take a break.) Fantastic choice of metaphor, meringue, sugar and air, sweet but without true substance.

  6. “Media managed meringues” indeed! Sino-Indian relations have never been good but China is feeling a newfound confidence to violate international mores and human rights with impunity. You put it so well.

  7. Like others, a fine take on the prompt – and reminds us – when news is so monopolised by COVID – that these disputes have been going for years (1959?) – and continue – used by politicians for their dark ends. Your quadrille shines a light.

  8. Fine work, well thought out, Sanaa. Loved the alliteration. I used to think that negative outcomes WEREN’T our inevitable outcome, but I’m more jaded and pessimistic these days. Awesome work.

  9. Skilfully crafted wordsmithing to bring attention to to the carry on which has lingered too long … that cake is going stale!

  10. You amazing me with your words.
    Great alliteration, “many media managed meringues” and yes, who knows “what’s being whipped in the name of politics?”
    Your tartness in this was spot on.

  11. As a litany, perhaps, even a prayer,
    certain lines take on even more significance:
    We must unfetter ourselves,
    Our world inches closer still toward its own dread,
    Is this the inevitable order of things?
    Thank you very much.

  12. A palpable shadow, and not a singular contribution – men- and you have captured for you how that feels and impacts, but also collect how others do the very same in other contexts. A litany indeed, and you already had me at discombobulating. πŸ™‚

  13. Loving both the obvious alliteration, and the less obvious, like the repeated “v” in the second to last line. But that last line pulls it together with it’s absolutely perfect rhythm.

    This one demands to be read out loud.

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