The Lighthouse

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Stark silhouette against the sky;
Echo: Aye
Structure such to make one sigh.
Echo: Sigh

The beacon shone till far away;
Echo: Way
Guiding those who fall astray.
Echo: Stray

Heralding dreams unto tidal squalls;
Echo: All
Flashes of light do memories recall.
Echo: Call

Lasting memories, swirling thoughts;
Echo: Ought
Time is short and can’t be bought.
Echo: Sought

The lighthouse alone observes the tide;
Echo: Tied
To weather the storms as our guide.
Echo: Side

Its elegance leaves at loss for words;
Echo: Heard
At the moment – the heart has stirred.
Echo: Purred



Photo Credits:Β Β Sdeerwallpaper

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24 Replies to “The Lighthouse”

  1. A lighthouse exhibits measure of resoluteness. Not any one can stand the boredom and loneliness of a ‘keeper all alone! Takes a special breed! Nice echoes Sanaa!


    1. Hello SilverGardenia,

      Thanks for stopping by, so glad you liked it πŸ˜€
      Highly appreciated, have a nice weekend.

    1. Hello Micheal,

      Thanks for stopping by, so glad you liked it πŸ™‚
      Highly appreciated, have a nice weekend πŸ˜€

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