The Graveyard

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I stood, murmuring to reticent moon
as autumn adorned with russet and gold
blew past the graveyard harshly
binding with briars, past hopes and dreams.

I held onto the remains of a wilted rose
reminiscing beneath the morning sun.
Torn amid right and wrong, I had forgotten
what’s real, and now shades ofΒ forbearance
have woes concealed.

I gazed upon the fading hues of green,
as autumn gestured to the begrudging trees,
binding with briars, past hopes and dreams.


Photo credits:Β Pinterest

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56 Replies to “The Graveyard”

  1. Ooh, briars in the graveyard binding hearts and bones with such a bittersweet romantic tone. I love the final triplet, Sanaa, but shouldn’t it be ‘I gazed’, in keeping with the rest of the poem?

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