26 thoughts on “The Game

  1. lillian says:

    Beautiful! Love the repetitive stanza and most especially the idea of listening. The noiseless snow…….a sense of wonderment in that.
    Enjoyed this very much!

  2. katiemiafrederick says:

    WeLL.. my FriEnd.. Sanaa..
    science in its systemizing
    way says tHere are 5 kinds of Love..
    Touch.. Acts of Service.. Words of
    Affirmation that do NatuRAlly SinG
    as SouNd with or without specific
    acknowledgement of how
    thAT SonG FeeLs iN
    nuanceS NoW oF aLL
    comFort as soMe nOws
    EmoTions comE
    that even
    have no
    and sensE
    too.. and then
    tHere is quality
    nows of face to face
    Interaction.. better yet
    of course than only words
    without real flesh and blood
    facetime.. and finAlly ‘they’ say..
    tHeRe are gifts.. and for me service
    is enough for that.. as material goods
    including green bLack dollars have no
    Love SonG for ME.. but otHeRs.. tHey hEar
    The MuSiC oF Love Differently and they most
    often love to get what they give iN Language
    of Love iN SonG thE sAMe.. aLL i
    kNow and FeeL.. SeNsE..
    iS my Love
    is way too
    big and even
    bigger than
    tHeSe science ways
    of Love.. iT is exPANsive
    aS InFiniTy BeYond even
    that hUman word for ThAt..
    and no.. mY Love never ever
    has only one name to SinG..
    iN FAct
    mY lOVE
    iS sImply
    i AM.. mY FriEnd..:)

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