The Dupe Diaries

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She chewed on blood red fingernails oblivious to how bitter was wind; her heart pounding as she placed a bouquet of lilies upon the grave. She knew no one would pass here due to rain and rolling mist. Her pretty face went pale as marble over tombstone as she heard a familiar voice cackling from underneath the ground.

“How dare you stand here after what you did! Haven’t you troubled me enough for a hundred years!”

Olivia gasped as a hand emerged from out of the grave clutching her throat and struggled to break free; the hem of her black dress soiled with filth and splashes of rain. Her lips trembled with fright as a handful of memories flashed before her eyes.

“No you don’t understand I need exactly four kilograms of cabbage, two sacks of potatoes and one bag of carrots,” Olivia sighed in exasperation as the salesman stared at her as though she was from a different planet.

“Miss, how many times do I have to explain! We don’t sell groceries to people like you!” She watched as he walked away from her in disgust and failed to understand why. She recalled how her mother used to shop, her pretty eyes and winsome smile as she charmed salesman after salesman into letting her browse to her heart’s content. She went home and threw herself down on the bed, hiding her face in the pillow. The phone rang thrice before she finally decided to pick up.

“Hi! I have been trying to call you all day! Where were you?” Olivia cringed at the sound of her neighbor’s voice.

She and Josh had been friends since childhood. She remembered how he used to defend her while all the kids made fun of her and called her a freak. At that time it used to bother her what people thought but now she wasn’t sure. It made no sense to fret over something that couldn’t be changed. For instance, her oval face and unruly black hair that stood out at odd ends. She wasn’t exactly a people person and shied away from boisterous crowds. She was different than the rest and there truly wasn’t another person alive on earth who cared enough to appreciate her. Except, Josh.

Olivia snapped out of her reverie as the cruel voice continued and spat out insults. “Enough! I don’t care whether you believe me or not! It wasn’t my fault, Josh!” At that moment the atmosphere grew dim and skies threatened to swallow what was left of the earth.

“Oh really!” He raised his head out of the grave and scowled. She couldn’t believe he could hold a grudge over something so insignificant.

“Alright, fine! I am sorry for ruining your chances with Aaron. But I couldn’t see how you would compete against my blasting charm.” She winked as he frowned and finally laid back inside the grave to rest.

Graveyard scented with ominous
clouds, scare passersby as spirits
and ghouls rise to join the living.


Photo credits: WallpaperUP

Posted for ‘Beautiful Freaks Fest’ @ MG’s blog party

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