The Deep Blue Sky

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This black mood,
this malaise that coats sweetness
of cherry, floweringβ€”
nutant, the brightness of morning
When did it become so insignificant?
We are only taught what’s worth our investment;
what of altruism?
And now, the sky is my backyard; it lends perspective.




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De is our hostess today at dVerse and the word is
“sky.” Come join us! ❀️

Posted for Quadrille #112 @ dVerse Poets Pub

52 Replies to “The Deep Blue Sky”

  1. Oh, the black mood… I have it always at this time of the year. Maybe having the sky in the backyard is the solution.

  2. Delicious lines here, Sanaa, and lovely to hear your voice again! ‘We are only taught what’s worth our investment.’ This is so true, but we only really know in our hearts what’s truly worth our investment.

  3. I know that black mood well, Sanaa, it came back today with the news that we will probably go back into lockdown soon, which will put paid to my walks with like-minded people as I will be shielded again, spending the day alone. However, your final line reminds me about perspective, and that I have a lovely garden in which to wander.

    1. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about the lock down, Kim. Yes, it’s a consolation that we have our gardens to wander in.. I sincerely hope that the situation worldwide improves. I am glad the poem resonated with you πŸ’„β€οΈ

  4. Such a beautiful and brilliant piece. It has this imagery of a dark sky, and then it seems to brighten a bit by the end of the poem. Astounding use of imagery, and it’s so wonderful to hear you read the poem as well. <3

  5. LOVE the illustration! And, sitting here in Provincetown at the very tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, looking out the wall of sliding glass doors to our grey wooden deck with the Atlantic Ocean is noisily reaching its high tide, the sky is so blue and so immense….it indeed puts things in perspective! πŸ™‚

  6. This is something I need to share with my fellow writers here at dVerse. I so enjoy reading the work that you create and post, and am genuinely honored to be embraced as a part of this community of poets. May we all find healing in these challenging times. And as a true aquarian love child, and also a proud flower child of the 60’s, who truly believed then we would some day change the world to be a better place for all, and still believes that we might yet do it β€” I wish each of you peace, health, and love. Write on!

  7. Like others, I think -‘the sky is my backyard’ – is a wonderful image – resonates as both hopeful and giving some scale to our fears. Lovely write.

  8. love how you highlight altruism in this darkness … may we all realise the sky is healing and look to having more purpose …

  9. I like
    This black mood,
    this malaise that coats sweetness
    the sky is my backyard; it lends perspective.
    I have black moods as the days grow shorter. We must have sky!

  10. Sometimes it is the black mood shrouding us that makes us come up for air and appreciate what we have. I find nature holds many answers for us. Your poem was exquisite Sanaa πŸ’•β˜ΊοΈ

  11. I really love the word “nutant” here, Sanaa, such a powerful description of the drooping bloom unable to see the sky. Gorgeous imagery and I love the message about the power of perspective. And your soundcloud recording is beautiful.

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