The Consolation of Plums

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Especially when spirit is low
and stars outside dismal and cold.
When heart breathes out hurt
and journal’s filled with want and words.

Slightly tart, I bite into its flesh
throwing hope as stones into the wild.
Pay attention to the ripples in the lake,
courage doesn’t mean that one
is not afraid.

Sweet with a hint of prayer, plums
remind that life has much to smile about.
Our flaws are perfect to the one
who’s meant for us.

Delicious garnet red, as sun reclines
and moon lifts up its head. We leap
where others refuse to tread.


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Our actions make the fragrance of our lives… Would you smell of plums?
Or Vinegar? — Kirby Larson

Posted for Rommy’s Challenge @ Real Toads

22 Replies to “The Consolation of Plums”

  1. A perfectly ripe plum makes for a lovely treat. Now I’m hungry for one, though I will have to wait until at least tomorrow (or Saturday really, to be sensible) to get one.

  2. Oh, this is lovely! You have me dreaming about sinking my teeth into a plum now… I have some in my fridge – maybe later I’ll delight in one while reading this poem again 🙂

  3. Love it… and I would like to say what William Carlos Williams said:

    I have eaten
    the plums
    that were
    in the icebox


  4. Curiously I bought some plums just the other day (it is that season in Australia). They are all gone I was so greedy! That is true love to accept the flaws of the one you love as you become one and the same. I seem to remember that a ripe plum is much like a beautiful woman and vice versa!

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