Swinging by November

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Answer November —
Prefer rain or snow —
Open path or woods —
Leaves dijon or green?

Ah, said November —
Where is quiet mist —
Where is floweret —
Where is blue jay —
Answer: Me

Nay — said October —
Show me maple —
Show me berries —
Show me blue jay —

Baffled blue jay —
Where be acorns —
Where be shrubs  —
Where be seeds —
Here — said November —


Photo credits: pinterest.com

Gillena wanted us to write inspired by the poem Answer July by Emily Dickinson.

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12 Replies to “Swinging by November”

  1. My favorite season is Fall … I consider November (at least the first half) to fall into that category! (pun intended) … nice write!!

  2. I’m taking dijon, Sanaa. Those yellow brown trees are sooo pretty in your picture, the snow makes them stand out even more. By November we’ve had enough green. Though here in Texas, it will stay green until some time in December.

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