(sweet-scented) musings

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Perfume is whisper. Perfume is breeze.
Like clandestine thoughts probed into
the mind deep. When you’re strolling 
at night, steered by scents and sounds
strange, or when reminiscing through,
a half-completed page.

Remember when days used to seem long
and sleep was rarity, you scribbled notes
on the refrigerator, and bought bags full 
of leafy greens.

Perhaps no scent, offered relief as much as
lavender leaves, oh few drops of oil rubbed
upon the palm, soothes as though a prayer,
or brief psalm. 

Perfume is riddle, perfume is song, like rays 
of slowly setting sun. Through winter till the
time of spring; I write of aroma and observe
you sing. Perfume’s when we feel each other,
when your scent’s embedded upon my soul.



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34 Replies to “(sweet-scented) musings”

  1. “oh few drops of oil rubbed upon the palm, soothes as though a prayer, or brief psalm.” I love that. Lavender is one of my favorite scents. Beautiful poem…Love your scented musings. Thanks so much for taking part in the prompt!

  2. I like the shape of this poem, Sanaa, and the opening line sets the standard for the rest of the poem. I love the idea of perfume as ‘clandestine thoughts’ which lead to memories in the the next stanza, of leafy greens in the fridge. Then you introduce soothing lavender – possibly to ease the pain – and end with personal perfume – a lovely progression!.

  3. I really like the second stanza which appears almost as an aside. I also like the way you have included subtle rhymes within the body of each stanza. The poem sings.

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