Strolling through the fields of desire

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Desire is
feral, that
touches you

until your
insides melt
like a cloud

while words sweet
softly kiss
muted thoughts


like a pale
rose in sand

my fragrance
clings to you

until you
arise from
stranger dreams


I trace words
on soft skin
not paper

lest passion
wastes away
with blue rain

Desire is
knowing I
can’t have you


Align my
fleeting thoughts
I’m certain

you know it’s
your name that’s
on my lips

though whispered
in velvet
hot darkness


Photo credits: Pinterest

Form: Tricube

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64 Replies to “Strolling through the fields of desire”

  1. Whoosh!! You worked wonders with the form. This is sultry and quite deliciously expressed within the many restrictions. Well done.

  2. you clearly walked away with this and had a good time working this little “fussy” form to great advantage – ~ well done Sanaa – certainly painted a lovely set of pictures!

  3. Desire. I love that word in a sensuous setting. You did that so very well, Sanaa. I still shake off a little like a wet dog when I read yours or have thoughts arising. With a slight smile on my face. Thank you.

  4. All tricube gems, Sanaa! I love the imagery of desire melting your insides like a cloud and the lines:
    ‘I trace words
    on soft skin
    not paper

    lest passion
    wastes away
    with blue rain’.

  5. Longing, and the whole idea of “longing,” is a sad thing. Someone is not here, someone is gone away, someone is with someone else. Makes for pretty sad poems….

    To let somone live “rent free in your head,” and in your heart is a waste. Hard to control. There just has to be other ways to be?

  6. Deliciously sensual! But sad that one feels frustrated in the longing, knowing the person desired is (for some reason) out of reach.

  7. Yowza! All right, Sanaa! These are all wonderful and leave me with a deep sigh. I love them!
    Kind of addictive, this form? I haven’t written mine yet but expect it to be enjoyable.
    Really wonderful xo

    1. Yayy!❤️ Thank you so much, Marian 😀 so glad you enjoyed it!❤️

      (Yes the form is fantastic to play with! 😀 thank you for the lovely prompt)

  8. “Desire is
    knowing I
    can’t have you”
    Luv how the subconscious works in this one.

    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard today Sanaa


  9. I want to take the first 3 words of your poem and dance with them for days and days and days and nights… “Desire is/feral”–what a thought! The images that phrase brings to mind are wild and glorious, and screaming for a story of their own. Yum! Yum!! Yum!!!

  10. Well, girl, another amazing poem fro the realm of the forbidden fruit. I hope these are not autobiographical, for I wish to read more of them.

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