Sterling Moon

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The orb of winter’s night;
Guides by sanguine light.
We sang a passionate tune;
While hoping to catch on soon,
A glimpse of sterling moon.



Form: Imagism

(Inspired by an old photograph taken by my sister.)

Posted for MTB @ dVerse Poets Pub


44 thoughts on “Sterling Moon

  1. Gay Cannon says:

    We both wrote of silver moons – funny coincidence. You went deeper and more poetic though – complete with a dual set of rhymes giving it absolute music of the spheres. Lovely.

  2. De Jackson (WhimsyGizmo) says:

    “sterling moon” is stunning. Not just in color, in value. My love affair with the moon has assigned that level of value all these years, especially as a poet…and yet I have never given her this gorgeous adjective. Well done.

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