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I listen to streams that murmur as they run
Compare sweet rhythm beneath cobalt skies
To the fulfillment of inmost rooted thoughts
Reminisce simpler words and softer sighs ―
I open my heart and let you in; cause life’s
not measured in years but breaths.



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Posted for Quadrille 16 @ dVerse Pub


On Popular Demand – That which we seek; deep within will find
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92 Replies to “Soliloquy”

  1. This is so beautiful, Sanaa. I do believe that life isn’t measured in years, but in how well the years we have teach us to love. Some learn quickly, the rest of us….well, here we are!

  2. A breathtaking quadrille, Sanaa. I love the “softer sighs” and “rooted thoughts” and I could hear the stream running throughout this piece.

  3. I open my heart and let you in; cause life’s
    not measured in years but breaths.

    Yes, life is not high and dry in terms of time but full of richness and full of emotions to sustain it in memory. Very much so Sanaa!


  4. An earnest and insightful discourse on identity! And these last lines
    “I open my heart and let you in; cause life’s
    not measured in years but breaths.”
    are outstanding.

    I must say your prompts are brilliant and thought-provoking. Thanks so much the inspiration.?

  5. feelings, experiences, they do measure our days, sometimes in a sad almost unending way and then the joy which sometimes passes too quickly

    Happy Sunday Sanaa, happy you dropped in on The Sunday Standard today

    much love…

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