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Sharp serrated peak glimmered beneath the glorious
lamp of Zion; where thoughts were singing swallows
and brooks of morning run. The mountains towering
high whispered soft and sweet.”Tis seems the pressure
is thrice that love forever holds; though looks be clear
and bold, the spirit perceived is cold.”

As such she held her breath appalled, beyond the barrier
of threshold; of truth that mortal lips leave half obscure
– untold. Sierra stalwart and tall thus realized cost and
worth; while clouds and whirlwinds nod, beguiled with
bloom on earth.

The world at length does wonder behold;
When triumph fond beforehand unfolds.


Photo credits: Pinterest

Posted for Poetics @ dVerse Pub


24 Replies to “Sierra”

  1. What a lovely sight to behold ~ Specially admire your opening lines:

    Sharp serrated peak glimmered beneath the glorious
    lamp of Zion;

    Thanks for joining us Sanaa ~

  2. I think your line: “of truth that mortal lips leave half obscure- untold” captures our attempts to describe a mountain, especially Zion!

    (In first sentence,did you mean morning “sun”?) Thanks, Sanaa.

  3. How beautiful, Sanaa.

    “where thoughts were singing swallows
    and brooks of morning run”

    This is my favorite part. There is no greater healer than running, with the wind.

  4. Ah yes, enjoyed this tribute & poetic journey very much. Like Lynn, I dug the lines about /truth-untold/. I also enjoyed the form of the poem, letting the rhyme scheme be internal & subtle.

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