september hues

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I sought to delve deep into the cold abyss
of severed hearts as tainted shadows hover
above. I breathe; knowing there is no way
around grief but through ― let love be fire
cause I am the spark; my soul propitious I
govern the dark.



Photo credits: Jolygram

Posted on Quadrille 17 @ dVerse Poets Pub


For my prompt “Darkness exists so that we may see the light shine”
DIWALI SPECIAL on 14th October at 8:00 am EDT

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62 Replies to “september hues”

  1. One of the things, hopefully, we learn in life, is that we have a lot more control & influence on our world than we originally were taught to believe–that’s why I adore metaphysics, removing fear of death, & showing that we, ourselves, are the co-creators that govern our own darkness.

  2. The delicate rhyme throughout is gorgeous, but I, too, love those lines many have mentioned. The ending left me feeling the speaker’s strength, hope. Just beautiful!

  3. Grief is the kind of darkness that sets thick and oily around the heart. But like your poem suggests, our hearts can be so fiery bright… and we, when we try and push, can certainly make light out of the dark.

    Love this, Sanaa.

  4. Your words are so true, I love the way you have inspired us to move forward through pain,,the last line especially,,,” my soul propitious I
    govern the dark.”

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