Secrets of our Souls

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The winter winds had wrapped my soul;
Took a chance when things were unclear.
To home plate we took but a stroll;
We spoke no louder than a whisper.

You are my life, my love and heart;
I willed myself to say these words.
Whether work together or far apart;
Hand in hand as light as birds.

And suddenly time just ceased – it stopped
He looked at me like never before.
I stared in awe my jaw had dropped;
He whispered now and evermore.

Perhaps there is magic far above;
For heaven itself descends in love.


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62 thoughts on “Secrets of our Souls

  1. Mercury says:

    This is really pretty. I like it very much. And my goodness, you always choose the most mesmerizing artwork to accompany your pieces.

  2. Grace says:

    Such a lovely scene, both people in the same wavelength ~ I love it when heaven descends itself on love ~ Thanks for your lovely poem Sanaa and wishing you happy week ~

  3. Gayle Walters Rose says:

    Magical things can happen, especially in the hearts of those with love for each other…I have no doubt.
    Gayle ~

  4. Mary says:

    Oh, this is a beautiful love poem, Sanaa. I like the last line & agree with you — sometimes heaven does descend in love. (I am glad this is based on truth for you.)

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