Remember when we were strangers?

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You leave me unfinished
staring deeply into the abyss of time,
I, a rough sketch of desire, attempting to put words together
your scent lingers as rain
conjuring a gentle yet dark pattern upon my skin,
remember when we were strangers–
in tandem stationed in the bucolic hills
the shape of those days
meant nothing if either one of us wasn’t contained in them,
your scent dances around inside my head
as autumn leaves cascade to the ground unhindered–
the night has already beckoned the body to rest,
conscious of raw rush taking over as I drift into sleep.
Your lips erubescent — taste of the finest raisins and cherries
oh, how I wanted you to define me!
You are poetry that seeks to align me with the world
without pretense;
I, a warm and persistent candle wafting in the wind,
remember when we were strangers?


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Posted for Sanaa’s Challenge @ Real Toads

22 thoughts on “Remember when we were strangers?

  1. Old Egg says:

    How comfortable we can be with people that once were strangers when we reveal to each other a desirable match. I often found that it was usually in the first touch that one’s confidence or concern reveals itself. and warmth obviously helps.

  2. Barry says:

    This conveys so much sensuality and unrushed urgency, if there’s such a thing. I often struggle with finding a favorite part with your work, as each amazing line ties in to the last one and the next one… I come undone trying to grapple with this!

  3. Stranded Tree says:

    This gives me an image of two lovers going back to a memory of the moment that they first met, when they had not yet known each other in depth.
    The scent of rain and the taste of a kiss. Imagery that gives. Thank you, Sanaa

  4. Brendan says:

    Eros is the poem, blossoming round the traces of scent. Fine work showing how what we yearn and sing are florals of the same magnificence. Well done Sanaa, great prompt.

  5. Jim says:

    Sooo very nice, “puppy love” we call it here, or if no contact is made “a crush.” Also a first date without a second, or at least a third. I have a few of those of different sorts. We’ve been married though there are a couple of, then young, ladies I sometimes wonder about.
    Thank you for the nice prompt, even though I am on sabbatica I couldn’t help myself but to write for it. It works on its face but I couldn’t get a little deeper that I’d liked to have had.

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