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Her azure eyes reflected keen against the gale; though
lustre proved as meek and pale. Lo! buoyant thru the
shades of Spring; heard birds round morning carols
sing.”Oh pleasure now and furore bent; her eyes doth
look and represent. In flowers lone reveal your truth;
whilst hope to sway thus darling youth.”

Beguiled to bone she skipped her meal; while passion
writhe inside and burn. Devoured her dose of Crestor
pills; while guts and stomach boil and churn. Lo! fire
doused her spirit thorough; chimera groped with ire
drew. Impetuous rose to will-o-wisp towards a wraith
that felt but real; with drops of balmy woods and time
came truth which darkening shades conceal.

Among thus waving fields of fern;
Myriad flowers and mortals yearn.


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Posted for Dark Poetry for Cruellest Month


30 Replies to “Priscilla”

  1. How I love this, Sanaa! Especially the last stanzas. I can totally see the “flowers and mortals yearn[ning]”. 😀

    You included just perfect dose of spring sorrows and medication chaos.

  2. This was a neat merger of the classically romantic feel of your typical work with modern day concerns. It works, quite well.

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