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I enjoy peculiar fun when there is neither wind
nor noise of rain. Lo! autumnal eve darkened
round to haunt the place where passion reigns.
Even afore the trumpet sound perennial gems
decked the plain. “If I could speak with tongue
of angels; would paint thus future on the skies.
Clip on wings of righteousness; shed not tears
on love’s demise.”

With candor mild as I grew wise; viewed thus
world with gracious eyes. Lo! unmasked these
features shade delight; and clutched its sword
with fierce surmise. A silent prayer whispered
round as though reaching out to grab the cold.
“Lo! to vengeance and glories of the bold; as
buds and blossoms thus unfold. Let time thus
pass to none be told; spirit’s secret hides like
gold.” I saw beyond barriers of threshold.

Amid thus thicket beneath herbs alone;
Breath froze before my lips could moan.


Photo credits: Pinterest

Dark Poetry for Cruelest Month


10 thoughts on “Predilection

  1. Sharon Rawson says:

    This was wonderfully bold and portentous! I would love to hear Patrick Stewart read this aloud! (of course, I would be falling over in a dead swoon right after he started so I don’t know how much I would actually hear! Lol)

  2. Khaya Ronkainen says:

    I’m with Sharon on this one, I would love to hear this menacing and beautifully-written piece read aloud. Your use of language makes death attractive. I guess it is because we finally rest. Love your writing style and tone.

  3. Magaly Guerrero says:

    I wish this speaker gets indeed to speak with the “tongue of angels”. And that she tells us all about it. For I suspect the adventures would be numerous, uncanny, bright and dark in their deliciousness.

  4. Rommy says:

    It reads like a speech before a great battle, but those last two lines seem to indicate all may not go as planned. Dynamically written.

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