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Often art is what an artist feels;
The language which a poet writes.
Their emotions flow as a breeze;
Whispering into summer nights.

Sometimes what we poets feel;
Are colors which an artist paints.
The moments which we capture – seal
Allow us to with life acquaint.

The artist – left to gaze in awe;
What his strokes of paint created.
Poetry written – no error or flaw;
Hatred from the world had faded.

The moment which we long awaited;
Was nothing like we ever tasted.



Photo Credits:Β

Form: Ekphrastic

Posted on Sunday Mini-Challenge @ Real Toads

and Posted on the Poetry Pantry @ Poets United

70 Replies to “Picturesque”

  1. Sanaa, great to read you again. I have written on the same theme in the past; the joy of connecting the work of the poet with the work of other artists, our mutual joy in our “babies,” is wonderful. We all need this connection! So glad you took up the Toads challenge today. Amy

  2. Poetry written – no error or flaw;
    Hatred from the world had faded.

    Wonderful sonnet Sanaa. Once a poem is written one forgets the woes of the world. Very true feeling!


  3. It is so wonderful to be free with brush or pen isnt it? We never quite know where the creative breeze will blow.

    A delightful reflection on the arts, Sunny one!

  4. So true that the colors an artist uses so often influence how we feel about the painting.

    I like the final couplet. So true that sometimes what we wait for is nothing like what we experience…and so often what a pleasant surprise it is!

  5. Well done with the form. I agree with your observation. There is something in the creative process, that adds or changes or in some way affects our original vision; we are often surprised by our creations.

  6. Hi Sanaa,

    this was very well-written as it is yet another creation of the theme of the painting shown in the others’ poems. i liked your flowing use of rhyme and the fine diction that forever impresses me. another fine piece of yours!

  7. Your first line is excellent! ‘Often art is what an artist feels;’ ~ true… and the last one ‘The moment which we long awaited;
    Was nothing like we ever tasted.’ ~ it’s always unique and meaningful. Very wisely written.

  8. Having recently done a poetry reading at the opening of my mother’s art exhibit, I found this poem exciting and true. People think they know us, and we have used ourselves totally–but art and words transform in the result. Yes.

  9. The secret of creativity is to do what inspires us not to copy or repeat others. Our eyes, our minds full of ideas, pictures and words spilling out should not be inhibited on what has gone before but be our own contribution in search of perfection.

  10. It is a wonderful feeling when you are amazed at your own creation when it is done. How a small idea blossomed into something so much more – no matter the medium.

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