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Deem it true
All consuming
Swirl of prussian blue
Let us dip in, immerse
Breathe in tales of rapture sweet
Many a perished soul lies sombre
Before conceding death, its final kiss
Yours, will be memory when orb does fade


Form: Etheree

Photo credits: NikH

Kerry invites us to write, inspired by the incredible poems of Kwesi Brew

Posted on Sunday Mini Challenge @ Real Toads

and Posted on the Poetry Pantry @ Poets United 

56 thoughts on “Passion

  1. Kim M. Russell says:

    A good choice of form, Sanaa, which you have executed with panache! I love the use of colour and painterly words: ‘swirl of prussian blue’ and the imperative form, which captures the reader and guides them to the end of the poem.

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