Bluebells – A Tribute to my Grandmother


Gaze upon thy yonder blue,
Spill some secrets,
Perhaps a few?

Thy fresh memory,
Blowing a breeze.
Whilst sifting across,
A Bunyan tree.

Had’st ever there been,
An elderly so profound?
As such thy ealdmoder,
Thou so safe and sound.

Thy nature so loving,
Oh so sublime.
Laughter melodious,
Resembling a chime.

When giveth gifts,
Does thou smile.
Making thy time,
Worth the while.

Thy shadowed ye off-springs,
With utmost care!
Ye stance had all,
Grace and flair!

As thou bids,
A sweet farewell,
A field ye sees,
Of blooming bluebells.

And as the light,
Doth fluoresce,
Beckoned are thou,
By caress.


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Hwa art thy soul?
Silhouetted by the kohl.

Much to thy discern,
Too bard to cajole!
Alas! as such,
Thy wandering soul.

Comparable much,
To sparkling gems.
Oscillating leaves,
Upon a stem.

Hwa art thy soul?
This much, shall I ask?
Not likely so much,
As a task!

Thy soul I presume,
Much brighter than fire!
Leading thy realm,
In hopes to inspire!

Alas! I shall deduce,
Leaving ye fellows,
With much to brood.

This journey is perpetual,
Nothing short,
Of incredible!


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